Online Marketing

Online Marketing strategy tailored for your business

Web design and development

Web design and development comes across everyone’s mind, left or right. You started your own business, you had some basic knowledge of website design yourself and it worked fine. Now comes the time when you hit the ceiling. You’re more concerned with maintaining and designing your website than actually doing what you do best. That’s when you call in Merces Marketing. We at Merces Marketing have extensive experience designing, building and maintaining your website.


The design of the website can go in different ways. Are you a graphic designer and do you already have a design ready? Great! We can recreate your design without any problems. If you don’t have your own web design we are ready to create a design together with you. Because of our extensive experience with setting up landing pages, training courses and web shops we can certainly help you with your case!

After the launch

After the launch of your unique website we don’t sit still. That’s when the most important thing comes up. The online marketing. We help you optimize your findability in Google, use Google Analytics, advertise in Google Advertising and get the most out of Facebook Advertising.
The fun adventure is just beginning. Bring in customers and start optimizing for conversion. Merces Marketing is the perfect partner. We support your adventure and get just as involved in your business.

Webdesign - Why choose Merces Marketing?

Speed, accuracy, and commitment. These are a few key words for Merces Marketing. We understand you completely. You have a website in mind and you want it online by next week. We can totally take care of this. Besides that we are a bunch of perfectionists and make sure everything is taken care of down to the last detail. Involvement is very important to us. We do not immediately send an invoice if you have a question, advice or comment.